Thursday, 14 June 2012

Everyone had a lovely evening and enjoyed their tasty indian food. We all said a big thank you to the waiters and chef at Bangla Nites. THANK YOU!


  1. Hello Oriel Owls
    My students have all been reading your blog today and really enjoyed finding out about your trip to India. They think your aeroplane is the best, and want one in our classroom!
    Are you going to visit any more countries?
    Ms Lockyer

  2. What is the big thank you? Then is it for the lovely meal?

    1. At the end of the meal we all said thank you to the waiters and chef and we shouted it, so that is why I wrote it in capital letters.

  3. We are going to visit some countries linked to our school's olympics topic. Each class has chosen a country they are going to represent in the Olympic games we are having at our school. so we may go to China or Canada next! We're pleased that you like our aeroplane.